Babelonians are a bipedal race immediately distinguishable by their pale blue leathery skin four eyes (all forward facing), a pronounced lump on the crown of their heads, and a long, tapering snout. The lump on their heads is actually a second brain. It controls no bodily functions, but serves as additional memory storage, allowing the Babelonians to recall truly impressive amounts of knowledge.


The bableonian quest for knowledge is an overriding part of their mentality. Babelonians spend much of their lives traveling to other fragments, following up any snippet of information that may lead to new knowledge. Their remarkable ability to get into trouble is well documented.

The planet Babel is a rocky world, with towering cities built on bluffs and crags. The correct name for these cities is Depositories, for each houses a wealth of texts and alien technology from across Slipstream. To non-Babelonian eyes, the actual storerooms are a jumbled mess, lacking any form of categorization or semblance of order. Fortunately, Bableonians seem to have little difficulty tracking items down.

Racial Edges & Hindrances

Brainy: start with d6 smarts

Educated: +2 bonus to all knowledge rolls

Correction: If the Babelonians have an annoying trait it is their insistence on correcting any mistake in other people’s facts or use of language. Their constant interruptions and corrections, even over the most trivial of matters, cause them to subtract 2 from their Charisma.

Curious: The quest for knowledge can be a dangerous business. Babelonians are notorious for sticking their snouts into anything that sounds even remotely interesting. They have Curious Hindrance.

Secondary Memory: Babelonians possess two brains; a primary brain and a smaller secondary brain. The vital brain functions are contained in the main brain, with the second being used for additional data storage. A Babelonian who fails a Common Knowldege roll or Smarts-based skill roll (except arcane skills) may immediately make a second roll using a d6 (but with no Wild die), regardless of his usual die type. This roll uses the same modifiers as the initial attempt. The character has the choice of which result he keeps.


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