Wrist Com



Small computers that strap to the wrist, these ubiquitous gizmos come in several forms and can hold a variety of data packages designed to help the wearer.

As well as storing programs (see Below), each serves as a diary, data storage devices, communicator (5 mile range), and calculator. Program information can be displayed via speech, either through a discrete earpiece or the computer’s speaker, or text on a small screen.

The wrist computers’ primary purpose is to store small programs. In game terms, these grant the wearer help through a cooperative roll (See Below). The skill die varies with the level of program. Only one program can be used in a given round, no matter how many wrist computers or programs are available. Accessing a program is considered a free action, made as part of a skill roll. Swapping a program chip takes an action. Each program must be purchased separately.


Program chips cannot be used at a lesser level. For instance, a Model II computer can store 3 levels of programs, but the user has two level II programs—Healing and Repair. He can install just one program—can’t install both and use one at a d4 to save memory.

The following skills are available as programs: Gambling (Illegal), Healing, Investigation (Encyclopedia), Knowledge (specific skill), Lockpicking (Illegal), Persuasion (etiquette program), Repair, Survival, Taunt (insults from numerous races), and Tracking.

Cooperative Roll

Sometimes characters may want to cooperate and help a friend complete some kind of urgent task. If two or more characters want to perform a task together (and the GM decides it’s possible for them to do so), the lead character makes his roll and adds +1 for every success and raise his companions achieved on their own rolls. This has a normal maximum of +4 for all tasks except those of strength, which has no maximum.

So in other words: (as pertains to the Wrist Computer)

Lets say you need to make a Healing roll to save a party member and you have a Healing program on your Wrist Com. You need to:

Roll your initial Healing skill die

Roll your Wrist Com Program die

Add +1 for each success with your Program die (max of +4)

Hopefully the number is high enough

Wrist Com

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